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Professional Roofing Service Cleveland – Protect Your Family & Your Investment From The Elements

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Cleveland, Ohio has quite the reputation for hot summers, cold and snowy winters and occasional severe thunderstorms that strike the city bringing with them the threat of damaging winds, large hail storms and tornadoes.

Continuous exposure to such bad weather conditions can damage and deteriorate the roof of your home with time. If not fixed and repaired timely, your roof may fail to withstand severe weather elements and protect you and your home interior.

Your roof’s inability to protect your home can cause a great deal of damage to its structural integrity due to rain damage and melted snow. And did you know that a home exposed to water damage is at a high risk of mold growth, which can lead to bad odor and pose health risks like asthma problems.

In addition to this, a deteriorated roof can damage the insulation ability of your home, lower its property value and besides, can become a secret passage for unwanted animals and pesky insects to enter your curb. Therefore, it is advisable to get your roof repaired or reinstalled quickly by an experienced roofing company Cleveland to beat the odds and ensure your property remains a ‘safe haven’ for you and your loved ones.

Roofing Facts Every Home Owner in Cleveland Should Know

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Residential Roofing Cleveland
Residential Roofing Cleveland

New Roofs High-Yielding Investment with a Plethora of Long-Term Benefits For Cleveland Customers

Investing in IKO Pro 4 Roofing is a high-yielding onetime investment that will last for years. Besides this, a new roofing system can:

  • Spare you from frequent costly repairs over time
  • Save you thousands of dollars in the long run
  • Keep your home’s structural integrity intact
  • Boost visual appeal of your property
  • Increase your home value significantly up to 40 percent - This means that a 100,000 US dollar home can become a 140,000 US dollar property simply with the addition of a new and modern roofing system
  • Fetch you a good selling price in the fastest time whenever you decide to sell it

All State Remodeling - Trusted Roofing Contractor Cleveland

BBB Reviews Cleveland

All State Remodeling is BBB accredited, licensed, insured, locally-operated and a full-service home improvement company specializing in roofing services. From removal of old roofing material and disposal to repair and installation of new roof, we are your one stop service provider for all kinds, size and scope of roofing projects in Cleveland, Ohio.

Roofing Contractor Cleveland
Roofing Contractor Cleveland

Our roofing jobs reflect quality workmanship and technical prowess. To maintain the highest quality standards, we have the best and experienced team of roofing specialists who provide you the best roofing solution after inspecting your roof carefully. We use top quality roofing material to ensure your new roof has great strength, withstands all kinds of weather conditions and lasts for years to come.

Experienced in Installing IKO Pro 4 Roofing Cleveland, Ohio

When it comes to professional residential roofing Cleveland, Ohio, All State Remodeling is the first choice among homeowners. We are a locally owned, BBB accredited, insured, and licensed home improvement company committed to providing homeowners in and across Cleveland, Ohio with top quality, specialized and innovative roofing systems and services according to your needs, on time and on budget to your complete satisfaction.

Shingles alone are sometimes not enough to protect your home. This is why we use IKO’s Pro 4 Roofing System. This
is the latest roofing system designed for performance and built to envy. It is a multi-layer roofing system that helps keep your home well protected from extreme weather conditions all year round while increasing its visual appeal, energy efficiency, and adding to your property value.

IKO Pro 4 Roofing System Cleveland, Multi-layers in Focus

Roofing System IKO Pro 4

Layer 1 - Eave Protection

Also known as the Ice and Water Protector, this layer provides homeowners excellent defense against water penetration through the roof due to ice-dams and wind-driven rain that otherwise can result in costly damages.

Layer 2 - Underlayment

This provides superior underlayment for total deck-protection.

Layer 3 - Roof Starters

We use high quality roof starters that are easy to install and cut to size, saving time and money during installation.

Layer 4 - Ridge-Cap Shingles

These not only provide additional protection to your roofing but are also perfect to enhance your property’s aesthetic appeal as it accentuates the roof-line.

All State Remodeling Strives To Provide The Best Roofing Services In Cleveland To The Highest Standards

At All State Remodeling, we work in your best interest, not just our bottom line. We strive to build trust-based and long-term relationships with every client. And we do it by offering superior services and end-to-end services delivered with integrity. And this is evident through our client based approach. We offer free and transparent roofing cost estimates before we get started on your project so that there are no unpleasant surprises during and after job completion.

All services delivered are in compliance with the highest industry standards and our company values.

Rest assured, with us there are no hidden charges or additional fee. We make sure you know exactly what you are paying for. Our team works on your project cohesively and ensures it is completed on time and on budget.

To view IKO Contractor Roofing Selection, Cambridge Collection please click the link below.

IKO’s Cambridge Roofing Collection

The roof is an important element in the overall appearance of your home. Knowing how to choose the color of roofing shingles will help ensure that you make a the proper design choice that will accent your exterior properly. Please take a few moments to review IKO’s Cambridge Collection. 

All brochures are in Adobe PDF format and we recommend viewing on your PC or tablet.

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