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From Simple To Elegant Remodel Your Bathroom

From Simple To Elegant Remodel Your Bathroom

Bathroom Remodeling Cleveland | All State Remodeling

Did you know updating an aging bathroom in Cleveland can greatly increase
your home resale value and help you recoup an average of 74% of the
cash you spent on bathroom remodeling?


If Your Planning Bathroom Remodeling In Cleveland, We Have Great Tools & Special Offers!

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Remodel Old Bathroom In Cleveland To A New & Modern Look

Bathroom Remodeling Cleveland

If you’re thinking of giving your home a makeover, there can be no better place to start with than bathroom remodeling Cleveland. Bathroom fixtures, designs and layout, have all transformed dramatically over the years. While bathrooms focused largely on functionality in the past, modern bathrooms offer a perfect blend of style and functionality.

By availing Cleveland remodeling services, you can give your old bathroom a new and modern look, and create a space that matches your lifestyle, and remains unique yet functional for you and your family.

Regardless of the project scope or size, bathroom remodeling jobs require experience, design dexterity and skills, and this is what All State Remodeling is proud to be recognized for!

Experienced and Trusted Bathroom Remodeling Specialists Cleveland

 BBB Reviews Cleveland

Did you know updating an aging bathroom can greatly increase your home resale value and help you recoup an average of 74% of the cash you spent on remodeling?

All State Remodeling Ltd is a BBB accredited company with A+ rating, specializing in bathroom remodeling in Cleveland
. We have been providing highly-functional, stylish and well-built bathrooms to homeowners in Cleveland since 1995.

Bathroom Remodel Cleveland

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Bathroom Remodeling Cleveland

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Bathroom Remodeling Cleveland

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Simply put, we have the experience, expertise, finesse and design knowledge to transform your current bathroom into the bathroom of your dreams, exactly the way you’ve envisioned. We make it a point to deliver on time and within your budget with 100 percent satisfaction.

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Why Renovate Your Bathroom?

Aside from the bedroom, there is no doubt that the bath is the only other place where we can be comfortable with ourselves. It is also where most of us start and end our day.

Since the average bathroom is usually relegated to a relatively small amount of space a proper layout is needed so that the location of features allow for ease and efficiency of movement, whether its a half bath (sink & toilet), three quarter bath (sink, toilet & shower) or full bath (sink, toilet and bathtub/shower).

All State Remodeling can renovate your bathroom to have elements that you are looking for in style and efficiency at a reasonable investment in your home.

Whether it's a bathroom or a whole home renovation, remodeling increases the value of your home. You are making an investment that later you will be able to retain if you ever sold the home.

Bathroom Remodeling Layouts & Designs

The bathroom layout and design is an important consideration when planning a bathroom remodeling project. The following are bathroom designs that can be found in many homes and aid in considering your new bathroom layout for ideas. No matter what type of bathroom you may have, All State Remodeling can change the layout, expand your bathroom or update to accomplish your bathroom remodeling goals.

Half Bathroom Remodeling (sink and toilet)

The above our typical small space half baths outfitted with a sink and toilet. It is often called a "powder room" and is generally located near the front entry or another public area.

  • A. Consider light tones/colors to help give the appearance of space.
  • B. Large format tiles on the floors and walls can create a seamless visual effect.
  • C. Floating vanities and toilets keep the line of tiles unbroken, creating a perception of space.
  • D. Using small decorations designed for corners can further create an illusion of space.

Three Quarter Bathroom Remodeling (sink, toilet and shower)

This is a bath that does not include a bathtub, but does have a shower, a sink and a toilet. Three quarter bathrooms are generally considered and ideal second bathroom.

  • A. Consider adding storage for frequently used items for showering.
  • B. Avoid adding too many elements as this can cause visual clutter.
  • C. A lighted, mirrored shaving niche is a good addition in your shower stall.

Full Bathroom Remodeling (sink, toilet and tub)

This type of bathroom is often located off the hall serving adjacent bedrooms, and allows space to accommodate a bathtub.

  • A. Always use only tempered or safety glass doors and partitions.
  • B. Invest in a high quality toilet, since toilet renovations are expensive and involve a lot of work.
  • C. Bigger isn't always better when buying a bathtub. Sit in first before buying to if it meets your needs.

Master Bathroom Remodeling (two sinks, toilet and tub/shower)

The master bathroom is part of the master bedroom and is intended for private use of the bedroom occupants. It can include a separate shower and tub, two sinks and a toilet. A master bathroom suite can be any size you desire with fixtures and finishes that can give you a spa expreience.

  • A. Take advantage of your space by in having a tall storage area.
  • B. A bath with multiple users can have a vanity with two sinks, or even separate vanities for greater flexibility.
  • C. Partitions can be used to define various areas within the bathroom.

Our Bathroom Remodeling Process- You Enjoy Absolute Peace of Mind While We Take Care of the Rest

Best Bathroom Remodel Cleveland

At All State Remodeling, we follow a customer based approach. Our process begins with a free design consultation and cost estimate, where our design and construction experts conduct a site survey and communicate with you to better understand your bathroom remodeling needs and requirements.

Depending on the scope of work, our team walks you through a variety of options and solutions like ideas for floor plans and functional fixtures, and provide you a fair bathroom remodeling cost estimate. Rest assured, with us you don’t have to worry about hidden charges or additional fees.

Our team gets to work once you approve and finalize the design, and makes every effort to keep you updated throughout the process.   With us, you don’t have to stress over the technicalities, or wait for weeks to get your bathroom remodeled!

Our team of well-trained and highly-skilled craftsmen, designers, carpenters and subcontractors work meticulously on your project ensuring that it is seamlessly completed within the stated time frame. 

Bathroom Fixtures & Cabinets

From elegant bathroom vanities to functional medicine cabinets, you'll love our collection of contemporary bathroom fixtures and cabinets, we can help. Please take a few moments to view American Standard and Merillats products to enhance the look and function for your bathroom remodeling. All brochures are in Adobe PDF format and we recommend viewing on your PC or tablet. 

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