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Choosing A Home Improvement Contractor | All State Remodeling

Choosing A Contractor For Your Next Home Improvement Project

Your home is the most expensive investment that you will consider in your lifetime. Before you embark on a Home Improvement project, it is very important to carefully select a reliable Home Improvement Contractor. The brief time you spend initially on your quest for a contractor will prevent any unpleasant surprises or delays with your Home Improvement project.

  • Select A Contractor
  • Check references & check with the local Better Business Bureau at
  • The contractor has shown you proof of licenses, insurance, and bonding. State law does not require home improvement contractors to be licensed, but many Ohio cities do.
  • Contract is in writing with description of work to be done, time frame, materials to be used, with a complete estimate and is signed by both you and the contractor.

Finding a contractor is very overwhelming. Take your time and research your options. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when you make calls. 

Remodeling your home is a long-term investment. You want to choose a remodeling firm that will stand behind its work and materials for years to come.

All State Remodeling
Keeping you the home owner, aware of home improvement contractors. We offer our services for the Cleveland and surrounding Northeast Ohio areas.

How To Begin To Choose A Home Improvement Contractor

The first step in choosing a Home Improvement Contractor is to locate some job sites in your neighborhood or references from friends and family. If they are pleased with their Home Improvement project they will not hesitate to refer the company.

If you look on the internet pick out about four or five contractors and set up some appointments for the exact same proposal of work. If it is not approximately exact you will not get the same pricing on your project.

Some contractors will show you lower end products or higher end products. Ask what the difference is and ask about any extra’s, that is how some companies hike up the prices.

Once you have picked a contractor that you are comfortable with check with the BBB for a satisfactory standing (Better Business Bureau 216-248-7678). Ask the contractor you are interested in for at least two or three references. A contractor who has nothing to hide should not hesitate to give you references.

Contact the references and check out the job sites. Some contractors will give you false information. You should also check with your local building department and see if the company is registered with the proper licensing. If not, the company can do so before they start the project.

After you have narrowed your possible home improvement contractors, do not consider cost alone. Consider ALL factors, total cost, including materials, estimated time of completion, and even the contractor’s personality. If you have any personal reservations about a contractor, follow your instincts.

Remember, the least expensive contractor is not necessarily the best for your home improvement project.

Again, this may seem like a lot of work to pick a contractor, but this will help you in the long run. This is your home and you want someone who respects you.

Signing The Contract

For every home improvement job, State laws require that the home improvement contractor provide the consumer with a complete, legible copy of the contract at the time it is signed by all parties, and before any work is started.

It is extremely important to obtain a written, signed and dated contract for home improvement work BEFORE the work begins. Make sure the following items are written into the contract:

  • The home improvement contractors’ company name, address, phone number (make sure contractor is local).
  • List of all materials to be used in the project.  (Brand names of products, example: white vinyl windows by Alside or black 25 year shingle by Landmark).
  • Schedule of approximate start and completion of project (weather permitting on some projects). Verbal resolution on any delays is respectful to the homeowner.
  • Payment schedule that specifically states how payments will be made, usually three payments. If you applied for a loan it is sometimes half down - half on completion. Ask your contractor for financing options.
  • All verbal agreements should be written on an addendum and signed by both parties. Remember that any changes may require additional costs which needs to be agreed upon and signed by all parties.
  • Statement of any and all guarantees’ or warranties .
  • Clause stating that the contractor will obtain all permits required by the city.
  • Statement that contractor will haul away all job debris.
  • All work to be performed is correct; if color and product is not chosen yet, that needs to be stated in contract along with a budget to protect all parties.
  • Consumer’s right to cancel contract within three business days. Notice of Cancellation, to the contractor by certified mail is the best way to protect the homeowner. Save ALL paperwork in a safe place.

Always, always sign a written contract, no matter how small the home improvement job. Taking the time to write a solid contract is as important as hiring a good contractor

“The Sweetness of a Low Price Will Soon Be Forgotten by the Bitterness of a Bad Job.”

Don’t Get Nailed, Be Smart

In addition to all the above; make sure you never sign a blank or partial contract. Not all contractors operate within the law. One scam a shady contractor will do, is convince you that they would never do anything to jeopardize your trust. Then, ask you for a large portion of the contract cost and never return to the job-site. Never give a large down payment, make sure you set up a payment plan with your contractor.

Don’t sign a completion statement or make the final payment until you are satisfied.

Make sure you have all warranties promised at the end of the project. Make sure the job-site has been cleaned up and cleared of excess materials, tools and equipment.

If you have any complaints don’t hesitate to contact your contractor. If you are unsuccessful, call your local BBB, Attorney Generals Office or your building department and they can assist you further. Make sure you save all documents during your Home Improvement project in a safe place.

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